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As a lover of beauty, be it flowers, a sunrise/ sunset, or a smile on a loved one's face, I have always loved creating. As a child, I was fascinated by the sky and clouds, fantasizing about all sorts of things. I guess I never lost that since of wonder and seeing the beauty in life and nature. This has led me down many a creative road and to the present and my artistic endeavors w/ mixed media, collage and jewelry design.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Glimpses Into My Studio

So, after seeing some of my fellow flyers studio pics, I decided to share some of my own. It is not all that I want it to be (haven't painted it or made the valances yet) but like our various creative projects, it is a work in progress. Here goes...

Ok fans that is it for now, but as it changes I will post updates. Happy creating to all.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

My beautiful newly born great-nieces

Okay I'm so... in love with my new nieces. They were born on July 23rd. They are Arora and Karter Lee and are the identical twins of my second to oldest nephew. Because there mom had gestational diabetes, Arora has had to have an IV and fed through a tube until today. She is doing well and they are likely going home tomorrow.

It has been so great watching my nephew as he becomes a father and how protective and in awe of them he is.
Meet Arora(w/ her Auntie Nee) and Karter.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Where am I in my artful journey?

I'm just cruisin' along and have been making some mixed media collage pieces. I'm trying to get enough items to adequately stock my etsy shop.

While doing all these things, I'm also looking for a job and co-hosting our family reunion a week from today for anywhere from 60-100 people. We have been planning and this for quite some time and many changes have happened along the way. We recently (this week) change from a 3 day celebration to 1 day. This is ok with me, because I've been feeling kind of overwhelmed of late. I thought I'd share a few pics of my art work. so here they are.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Flying High and Learning how 2 Soar

What a wonderful journey I and my classmates have been on. Kelly Rae Roberts is so inspiring and it has been a joy to be a part of her e-class. I like many of my classmates have started to spread my wings and am trying new things as I embark on the creative biz flight.

I have been been creating this new blog for my creative biz and I'm working on an Etsy shop w/ the same name.

Thanks to all my frequent flyer mates for all of your participation (tips, comments, etc. in the class). I hope we stay in contact and will be in touch for many years to come. Stay blessed and keep on flying, Lancia

Here are some pics from my garden is from my garden out in front of my house. I love the shades of blue and green. So my hydrangeas are one of my favorite flowers.

I try to use flowers or suns in much of my art.

Happy 4th of July and be safe in enjoying your independance.