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As a lover of beauty, be it flowers, a sunrise/ sunset, or a smile on a loved one's face, I have always loved creating. As a child, I was fascinated by the sky and clouds, fantasizing about all sorts of things. I guess I never lost that since of wonder and seeing the beauty in life and nature. This has led me down many a creative road and to the present and my artistic endeavors w/ mixed media, collage and jewelry design.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Wow the year's more than half over already!

Hello there, my it's been a long time. Well this has been one busy and productive Summer for which I feel wonderfully blessed to be experiencing.

I have loved and feel honored to be the great aunt of two precious, beautiful girls.

Arora & Karter



I have been a worker bee and am almost ready to go live with my Etsy store of the same name. Yeah!!!

While I'm at it with sharing my Summer activities and joys, guess I'll share a few more look sees into my studio.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Come on, Come on, Come On....

Okay. So here it is the 1at of August 2010 and while I have felt sick most of the week, my spirits have been lifted when I check out what is happening in other people's creative lives.

I'm always thinking of how words and art work together and so when it popped into my head: Take it, take another little piece of my art now baby.. For most of my life music has been a big part of it.

I know that we all are lovers of different kind of music and even songs we don't even like, we seem to know the words to. Hmm why is that?

I would like to share a few pieces of recent artwork and works of nature.